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Cycle for Survival

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After years of hearing about the event, I’ve decided to join. And not just as a member of a team, but captaining a team from work which brings with it an entirely different level of stress and responsibility!

Essentially, it’s a foundation that supports research into rare cancers. 100% of donations from this event go into research and it helps bring awareness as well. Though it seems that I’m hearing daily about a family member, friend, public figure who is fighting or who has lost the battle with this disease.

It’s so important to support this kind of research. We’re so close to easier and less expensive screening to enable earlier diagnosis. We’re closer to more effective treatments, and with any luck we can eventually prevent the occurrence of this disease. However, if we depend solely on government and large private institution funded research we will wait longer than we have to for these advances.

We don’t have to wait. With support, advances can process and we can hold on to people we would have lost.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, I encourage you to find out more at the main “Cycle for Survival” page.

You can support my team through donations at the following links.
To donate to the general “team” fund:
UCLA RAD-iology

To donate via my personal page (which counts towards our team goal):
Suzie’s Page for UCLA RAD-iology


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