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After a bit of a hiatus from reading (tv isn’t going to watch itself you know) I’ve resumed my regular habit of having multiple tomes going at any one time. Here is a bit of a recap/mini-review of what I’ve read in the last 4-6 weeks and what is currently on my bedside table/kindle/audible playlist.

Recently Completed Books

Dune by Frank Herbert
I originally read the entire Dune series years and years ago, as well as some of the subsequent sequels and prequels written by his son and another author later on. I think Dune was actually the first Sci-fi movie I ever watched and it remains one my family’s favorites to this day, holding an honored place alongside A Christmas Story and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Dune is the first book of five, and has always been the toughest one for me to get through as it builds up a lot of the storyline, I always feel like it’s just getting going right as it ends! But never fear, as fear is the mind killer (inside joke to Dune fans!) Luckily I’ve got the rest waiting in the wings as I ordered the paperbacks all in one go – thanks Amazon Prime!

Neuromancer by William Gibson
Hey, two Sci-fi books in a row! That is not surprising at all, actually. I borrowed this from a friend and am frankly surprised I had never read it. This is probably one of the original electronic age cyber-punk novels, my preferred sub-genre. If you’ve read Snow Crash or Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson then you’ll enjoy this as well. Though you’ve probably already ready it. These books are even more interesting to read now, as opposed to the 80’s and 90’s since a lot of the technology in the books is closer to our current reality!

Currently Reading

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
OK, I’m about 10 pages from the end but technically I’ve not yet finished the book. I pre-ordered this because despite finding the most recent season of Girls annoying, I’m still watching and she is a fantastic writer and “voice of her generation” (inside joke to Girls fans). I had pre-ordered this and it was waiting for me when I returned from a recent trip to Arizona. Sidenote: Aren’t preorders the greatest? I always forget about them so it’s like Christmas when books just show up AND I don’t have to spend 1-2 days tracking my amazon shipping info! Back to the book, if you like the show you will probably enjoy this as well. Some of the earlier chapters jump around and are hard to follow but either the editing got tighter or I became accustomed to the writing style.

Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert
Book two in the Dune saga! This is one of the shortest books in the series and I expect to finish this one quickly (and move on to book 3). Particularly if I have to go in for jury duty this week. This one moves along much more quickly but it would be totally confusing if you hadn’t invested the time in Dune.

How Google Works by Jonathan Rosenberg, Eric Schmidt, Alan Eagle
Listening on Audible
As I have a stack of books waiting to be read and limited time, I’ve decided to try out listening to a few of them while driving, running on the treadmill, and working on more routine tasks at work. I’m still in my 30 day trial but loving it so far! Anyway, audible review aside, I’m about six chapters in and loving this book. It is something anyone managing/leading people should read, should be a bible for entrepreneurs, and is funny. I keep pausing to bookmark spots and write a quick note so I can return to that spot later (the audio-equivalent of highlighting every single line of text).

So that’s what I’m reading these days, I have more pre-orders (yay!) coming and a healthy wish-list on my audible account, as well as the rest of the Dune series of course. What suggestions do you have for future reading?


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