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I’m not posting as frequently as I’d like, but I have gotten into Tumblr lately. Because my modus operandi when falling behind on a project is to distract myself with other shiny objects!

Anyway, not a lot of original content and I’m only about 5% confident that I’ve successfully linked the blog to the Tumblr, but I have found lots of nerdy things to repost that you may enjoy. And if not, it gives you a deeper peak into my psyche.

You’ve been warned!

Nerdingham Tumblr’ed Found here!


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Geek VS. Nerd

According to this infographic I appear to be a hybrid!
Let’s break down the traits…

Geek Traits
Early adopter – Yes
Mac – Typing on one now
Fan of Gadgets – YES
Interests in…
Gaming – Yes
Film – Yes
Gadgets/Computers – We covered this, Yes!
Wears ironic t-shirts – I don’t think a stormtrooper playing video games is ironic,┬ábut possibly Yes.
Pretentious & Longwinded – Finally a No! (right guys?)
Knowledge ranges from mundane to encyclopedic – Yes
Specific Niche interests – Yes

Nerd Traits
Interest in academics – Yes
Introverted – HA! Yes!
Socially inept – No? Though I do struggle with anxiety in social situations.
Diverse & impractical skills – Yes
PC – Just at work, under duress
Interests in…
BSG – Yes
LARPing – No
Second Life – No
Fantasy/Sci-Fi – Yes

So perhaps I am a nerdy geek? Or do I lean more towards a geeky nerd? I think more analysis is required.

Geeks vs Nerds
From: <a