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May Cause…Doubt?

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Look at me, blogging on a Monday night. Guess my weekends are just too busy nowadays, huh?
Anyway, I wanted to catch up and share some thoughts from a few of the events I’ve been to recently. I attended a lecture/workshop for Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book, May Cause Miracles. I was excited, I’d been watching a lot of her clips on youtube and seen a few lectures. The message I was getting, opening yourself up to the possibilities in life, seemed to be coming at an ideal time after I’d been through some tough times. So I was excited to see her in person and get a copy of her new book (note – I haven’t read any of the previous  books).

So despite my crippling social anxiety I went to Hollywood on a Saturday night and crammed myself into a yoga studio with 300 strangers. Some were in turbans. I came expecting something like a Ted talk, maybe filling out some worksheets, I was even prepared for group sharing (shudder), followed by some light stretching. I did bring my yoga mat, per instructions. I did not come expecting to do Kundalini yoga with people that wholly believe it transformed their existence and then listen to 45 minutes of people testifying. I honestly left a bit disappointed that it was soooooooo out there. It was beyond my comfort zone. So I didn’t blog about it at first because I wanted to ponder it a few days. Or weeks.

So here are my thoughts two weeks later. It’s OK that it wasn’t what I expected, worst case it was one evening out of my life and it’s not like I’ve signed up for Scientology. The fact that it didn’t “transform” me doesn’t meant that I can’t take lessons from Gabrielle, or anyone else for that matter. And not being able to buy into the whole (vegan) enchilada doesn’t mean I can’t continue listening to her videos and appreciating what she shares.

I’m perhaps too pragmatic to really believe that yoga will change the world, but I’m certainly more open minded than I used to be and willing to try out new things.


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