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No, I have not abandoned Nerdingham! Things have been busy and I haven’t had much quiet time at home in the past two weeks. When I am home, I’m tending to necessities like dog-walking, laundry, sleeping, etc. Usually I have one free day a week (generally on a weekend) that I use for errands, DVR catch up, and of course blogging. The past two weekends have been jampacked though! This week, I’ll see if I can start working on writing a little bit in the evenings after work. I mean, I can take 10 minutes a few nights a week away from games and youtube videos!

I hope to catch up soon on:
My first experience with Kundalini yoga. I felt about as awkward as you can expect.
Youtube cartoons (protip – go watch The Bravest Warriors now!)
My HBO original programming obsession
Various other activities (I’ve been to three new concert venues in the past two weeks…THREE!)

If it makes you feel better, I haven’t played Diablo in over a week and have yet to check out the new expansion pack.¬†Seriously, things are THAT BUSY.


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