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TableTop Day!

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Did everyone celebrate TableTop Day yesterday? It was the 2nd annual event, somehow I didn’t know about it last year. But this year I was able to get tickets to the local event in LA put on by the always entertaining Geek & Sundry. What could be MORE fun, right? Felicia Day was there, as was Wil Wheaton who announced that Season 3 of TableTop is a go and this time around will be crowd-funded. I’m a fan of kickstarter myself and have funded a few cool projects (I should do a post on that) so getting the opportunity to support a show I love seemed fantastic. Plus, cool swag! Attendees that donated at the even got a free signed game, I walked away with Unspeakable Words and Forbidden Island.

The beautiful and talented Felicia Day.

The beautiful and talented Felicia Day.


Wil Wheaton, calling on gamers everywhere to donate for Season 3 of TableTop!

Wil Wheaton, calling on gamers everywhere to donate for Season 3 of TableTop!

I played four games in total during the event. I’ll attempt to describe them and summarize what were often several pages long rule books!
Guild Hall, a strategy card game where your objective is to create completed decks of various guilds (Peddlers, Robbers, Tax Collectors and so on). A completed deck is 5 of the same profession in each color. When you complete a deck you buy other cards which give you Victory Points. 20 Victory Points wins the game! However, on your turn you play two actions – meaning you select from your hand. Each card has different actions so you depending on the profession you play you may be stealing from another (the Robber), selecting from the deck, selecting discards, etc. The game starts a little slowly as players build their guilds – though this may have been due to the fact we were learning the game and had to pass around the action cheat sheet! All in all a fun game that combines luck and strategy.


Patrician Towering Glory is another strategy game, but with blocks! This one was easier to learn and we all caught on to the rules while eating a quick lunch. Essentially the board shows eight cities in Italy, where each can hold two towers. The city also tells you the total amount of stories (the combination of both towers) and your objective is to build the highest one to claim points upon reaching that max. The taller of the two towers gets the higher amount of points, and the shorter one gets the lower points. It is somewhat irrelevant if your tower is made up of multiple colors as long as you have the most stories built. HOWEVER, in the event of a tie, the person who built the top story gets the points.  On your turn, you play a card from your hand which tells you which city  you can build in. You build your tower, take the card currently on that city, and a new card is placed next to the city.  NOTE: You keep the cards that you’ve played. At the end you count up your point chips, but we’re not done! Then you go through the cards you played and match the faces, any set of three matching faces gives you another 6 points.


Smashup is the third strategy card game we played. There are eight decks, each representing a genre (Pirates, Dinosaurs, Zombies, Ninjas, etc) and you select two genres to play. There are base cards laid out that have a total number on them that you have to reach. On your turn you play a minion and an action – the minion will have a point value that is counted towards that base card. As soon as all the points played on the base equal that amount – points are allotted (as posted on the card). The person with the greatest number of points will get the max points, and then points often go to 2nd and 3rd place as well. But action cards can affect this! They can take away minions, disallow certain genres, add additional points to your minions, etc.

Finally we played Unspeakable Words, one of the games I got as my donation gift. This is a word game, with Cthulus. Each player gets 7 cards and 5 cthulus which represent sanity. On your turn you play a word and figure the total amount of points that it is worth based on the card values. Now you have to roll – if you roll your point total or higher you keep the points AND your cthulus. If not, you still get the points but you lose a cthulu.  When you’re down to one lonely cthulu you’re “insane” and can spell a word using whatever letters you want. However if you don’t roll the point value or higher, you’re out of the game! First to 100 points wins. Watch Wil play with some friends on TableTop!

All in all it was a fantastic event and I’m so glad I went. If you want to help fund Season 3 of TableTop, then check out the fundraising site here! And…






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