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Where is Nerdingham?

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So why the name change? And why Nerdingham?  This is a topic that I’ll revisit, but I’ll attempt to provide a summary that satisfactorily explains why I started a brand new site rather than continuing on the previous site, Painted Lady.

The primary reason is that I started the previous blog intending it to be a more focused web-space and focusing on my love of cosmetics and pretty things.  However, if the last year has taught me anything, it’s that life is infrequently pretty.  Don’t get me wrong, I still maintain my Sephora VIB status (2nd tier – whatever that’s called) and regularly READ beauty blogs.  And honestly, I’d be a terrible beauty blogger because I’m not very adventurous and will spend hours of my life researching “neutral” eye shadows.  I’ll occasionally post on these topics, just don’t expect much on teal eyeliners or anything…ANYTHING with shimmer or sparkles.

So that’s why I decided on a fresh start when the last blog was still in its infancy.  But why “nerdingham”? Well, the one overarching aspect of my personality is that I am a nerd. That is, if you consider sci-fi, fantasy, tech, gaming, etc to be “nerdy”.  People, one of my closest co-workers and someone I consider a friend gave me a Sheldon figure when I left my last job a few weeks ago because I reminded her of that character on The Big Bang Theory. I’ve never been so touched. This is not a subtle side to my personality, but I’ll be the first to admit I spent years, DECADES, trying to hide that part of me.  Because it’s not “cool”. I don’t know if turning 35 triggered it, or a lot of the sh!t I’ve dealt with in the past year had an impact, but I’ve stopped caring about being cool and embraced the nerd that I am.

Now I can’t claim the moniker Nerdingham, that is the name of my clan on “Clash of Clans” and friends I have up in Seattle had already created it when I joined.  But Nerdingham doesn’t just exist in an online multiplayer game or some nerd’s blog-space. It exists wherever there is an individual or group that is pursuing whatever their nerdy interest may be. Comic stores, cons, twitter, games, books, the list is endless!

So welcome to Nerdingham! Just watch out for dragons.


One thought on “Where is Nerdingham?

  1. I love it. Well done.

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