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Blog Redux…Redux?

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Remember last fall when I resumed blogging for a grand total of four posts? Yeah, neither do I. That didn’t last long did it? I have a litany of reasons. My ancient laptop kicked the bucket and the iPad while convenient is a pain to use for composing lengthy texts, I had a lot going on in the job-o-sphere, more tumors (and false alarms) for dear Wats, Christmas travel, so on and so forth. It’s all on my twitter feed if you’re really interested.

That said, I’ve now resolved most of the aforementioned challenges! I’m currently writing this on a brand new 27 inch iMac because when I upgrade I really go for it! Also, I drank the apple Kool-aid almost 10 years ago when I purchased my first iPod (Bronson) at the Apple store in Manchester, New Hampshire whilst living in Vermont. Since then it’s all gone downhill …iPod, iPod nano, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and now…my precious iMac.

Regarding the job, I never get into the nitty gritty (of course) but suffice it to say after an extensive interview process that I couldn’t really talk about during Dec-Jan, I’m now in my 2nd week at a new job!  To add a little bit of stress to the transition process, I also had to move.  My last job included housing, and while I did pay rent I couldn’t go on living there once I’d left the payroll. So after accepting the new job I had four weeks to prepare to leave both my office and my house where I’ve spent the last 2 3/4 years. Moving is the worst, but now it’s done and I’m mostly unpacked.

Now onto Watson. Oh Watson and his medical bills:( He had some tumors removed from his mouth last Nov/Dec, which were negative for cancer (hooray!). But it was stressful, and the expense delayed the computer purchase, and then in Feb he grew a NEW tumor on his leg. Luckily, after a relatively inexpensive biopsy (at least compared to full-on surgery) it was determined to also be cancer free and will likely resolve on its own. It’s still hanging around but looks better than a few weeks ago!

So that is my list of excuses and a very brief summary of what I’ve been up to these last few months. In my next post, I’ll address why I’ve started a new blog when the old one was hardly used and the origin of “nerdingham”.


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